One Summit - 2022-23
formerly One Rotary Summit

Imagine Rotary
A One Summit (formerly One Rotary Summit or ORS) is all about how Membership, Public Image, and Humanitarian Service through The Rotary Foundation are connected and work together in Rotary. There are three slides in the One Summit PowerPoint slide deck (Document 11, slides 5, 6, & 9) that illustrate these relationships.
This year’s One Summit materials incorporate RI President Jennifer Jones's Rotary theme, Imagine Rotary, and the action priorities of Rotary’s Strategic Plan.
Those attending a One Summit will jointly discover and develop creative ways to achieve and sustain membership growth and retention, to increase Rotary Foundation giving and project engagement, and to gain enhanced public image in their communities. 
A recording of a webinar presented in July 2022 introducing and explaining 2022-23 One Summit materials can be accessed via this link: One Summit Intro Webinar.
Click here to view a 4:24-minute video about One Summits (called One Rotary Summits when this video was made) which can be used to understand what these summits are all about and which can be used for promotional purposes. (Note: Ads may appear when you get to the link. You can click on “Skip Ads” and go right to the video.)
You can use the following links to view or download a 5-minute video that tells the story of how the One Summit approach of using of the synergy of Membership, Public Image, and The Rotary Foundation produced noteworthy results in Ely, MN.  This video is also part of the 2022-23 One Summit materials and a link to it is provided in the slide deck (Document 11).
A Facilitation Guide for use with the video is found as Document 12-7 in the 2019 materials accessible via the link on the left-hand side of this page.
Click here to view or download a 1:36-minute video from RI President Jennifer Jones.  This video is also part of the 2022-23 One Summit materials and a link to it is provided in the slide deck (Document 11).
For paired zones other than 25B-29, the One Summit Planning Team can assist you by providing the materials listed below tailored to your zone pairing. To have us do that please contact Patty Baltz via the contact information in Document 1.  
Materials for presenting a One Summit in 2022-23:
Materials for this year’s One Summit are designed for a 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) session, divided into four main segments, and can be presented in-person, virtual, or as a hybrid session.
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12. Action Toolkit Contents
      b. Imagine Outline