To provide actionable and measurable strategies that will help districts to focus on activities that will lead to increased and continued success.


In each of the four areas (Membership, Polio Plus, Public Image and The Rotary Foundation), districts may submit the checklist, a two-page summary of activities, and one page of supporting documents for each area. If a district completes at least ONE activity\ in each category, they will be recognized with the “Regional Citation” in that area. Additionally, if a district completes the required criteria in each of the four areas, they will be recognized as an “All Star District”.


Along with the Citation, districts will be judged on their summaries of activities, with a winning "District of the Year" chosen in each area.


Further, the standings in each area will be combined to determine an overall “District of the Year” in each zone, recognizing that district for outstanding performance towards meeting objectives and benchmarks across all areas.


Regional Leadership, including Regional Coordinators and their teams, will assist districts in several ways:
  • Design Zone Institute track training that centers around the activities in the Roadmap, which will lead to increased productivity and success in the districts
  • Provide ongoing data to districts so they can track their progress towards benchmarks during the Rotary year
  • Provide ongoing training opportunities throughout the year to assist districts in developing plans geared towards completing activities
  • Work with districts on an individual basis to assist as needed, and to provide proactive communication that will help identify any needs


The benefits of this District Roadmap include:
  • Providing direction to districts to help determine what to focus on in their planning activities (eliminating the practice of reinventing the wheel each year)
  • Help create good habits in districts that can be built upon to create sustainable success
  • Build teamwork within districts so more can be accomplished when people work together
  • Encourages sharing of ideas between districts
  • Allow for recognition for a job well done, which builds additional momentum for the future
  • Provides a historical record of what was accomplished each year
  • Creates friendly competition that will result in all districts doing more (and benefiting everyone)
  • It’s fun!


  • Districts will have the full 2023-24 Rotary year to complete the activities
  • All submissions should be received no later than August 1st, 2024, and should be completed using the defined submission process (combination of checklist & narrative)
  • Submission process will be communicated to district leadership far in advance of August 1, 2024
  • Final determination on whether a submission in any area qualifies for credit will be made by the Regional Leadership Team
  • All recognition will be provided at the 2024 Zone Institute