Assistant Rotary Foundation Coordinators

How can an Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators (ARRFC) help?

Regional Rotary Foundation coordinators (RRFCs) use their knowledge and skills to support and strengthen clubs, to focus and increase Rotary’s humanitarian service, and to enhance our public image and awareness.
Regional leaders work through districts to connect Rotarians with resources that support Rotary’s goals and deepen its impact in communities locally and around the world. They also serve as trainers and facilitators at Rotary institutes, governors-elect training seminars, regional and zone seminars, district training, and other events when asked.
RRFCs help Rotarians fully participate in their Foundation to meet their service and fundraising goals. They:
  • Encourage Rotarians to support PolioPlus, Rotary’s highest-priority program
  • Support clubs and districts in their fundraising, especially for Rotary’s Annual Fund
  • Educate clubs and districts about Rotary grants

Who is my ARRFC?


Rich Kaye

Supporting Districts: 5930, 5840, 5870

Michelle Bell

Supporting Districts: 5650, 5970, 6000

Robert Mendoza

Supporting Districts: 5680.5710,5630. 5610

Elise Cadigan

Supporting Districts: 6420, 6440, 6450

Sharron Miles

Supporting Districts: 5790, 5810, 5890,5910

Joe Ruskey

Supporting Districts: 6220, 6250, 6270

Debra Warner

Supporting Districts 5580, 5950, 5960