COVID-19 Global Grants





Listed below are Global Grants from within our Zones 25B and 29 that are in need of financial and DDF supoort and sponsors. Please consider reaching out to the contact person and supporting these Global Grant projects.
If you are the contact person, once your grant is funded, please contact Pat Merryweather to have it removed.
Global Grant Number   TBD
International Sponsor Club   Wuse Central-Abija (confirmation pending)
International Sponsor District   9125 (confirmation pending)
Host Club   Rotary Club of San Antonio, TX  District 5840
Location of Project   South Central and South Texas (UT Health Rio Grande Valley)
Description of Project  
Purchase of Thermo Fisher PCR and Kingfisher COVID-19 testing equipment to enable UT Health Rio Grande Valley to increase capacity from ~120 per day to ~500 per day. At present the area is not able to do near enough to meet the true community testing need with their current equipment.
Financial or DDF Funding Needed   DDF $85,000 (if cash contributions, higher funding needed)
Total Project Funding   $190,000 +/-
Contact Person   Sherri C. Muniz
Contact Person Phone   210-639-0295
Contact Person Email
Thank you for your support    GG 2011521 is now fully funded!
Global Grant Number   GG 2011521
International Sponsor Club   Naperville
International Sponsor District   6450
Host Club   San Pedro Sula
Location of Project   San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Description of Project   The local doctors at Leonard Martinez Valenzuela Hospital in San Pedro Sula have specified the need is for COVID-19 test kits so they can assess the people and healthcare providers coming in to the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms and place them appropriately in an isolated setting of care. San Pedro Sula is a very poor community with 63% of the population living in poverty and with unclean contaminated water. 
Financial or DDF Funding Needed   $6,562 in DDF or $9,187 in cash
Total Project Funding  
Contact Person   Chuck Newman
Contact Person Phone   1-630-400-0055
Contact Person Email .