Membership Digest - October

Region 36 (Zones 25B & 29)

The Membership Digest

October 2020

The Membership Digest is your one stop read for the latest Membership news in Region 36 brought to you by Assistant Rotary Coordinators from Zones 29b and 29. We highlight Rotary Membership success stories and provide helpful tools and resources to assist District Membership Chairs and anyone else who wants to Grow Rotary!
Monique Hodges, ARC and Jeff Reed, ARC, Region 36
Suzi's Corner
Innovation & Flexibility
Welcome to our new Rotary Regional Membership Digest. Our team has developed this resource to help you address the membership challenges we face together. This newsletter will offer the latest ideas, examples and tools for membership development. I hope you find ideas to help provide paths for you to strengthen membership in your district and throughout our Region.
Suzi Howe, Director, Region 36, RI
New Voices Club Charts its Own Course
A new Rotary Club – 33 members, all new Rotarians, all are graduates of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program. They range in age from 18 to 30. They focus on youth leadership and service with a limited meeting schedule. Read more at: New Voices club charts its own course.
Membership in Toastmasters and Rotary
A testimonial from Mark Burchill, President of Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, a Toastmaster, and a member of the Rotary Means Business Fellowship – on how it all fits together. Read more at: What I have learned as a Member of Toastmasters and Rotary
    What Rotary Has to Offer Young Members
The Blog explores leadership skill development, service opportunities and a community. Read more at: What Rotary Has to Offer Young Members
Emily's Space
Success Stories
Update from Emily Tucker,
Regional Membership Officer
Membership Leads Improvements
New features help you manage membership leads…
  • Reconciliation. This feature allows districts to report when a club has admitted a member, and also allows clubs to admit a candidate outside the 30-day limitation.
  • Refer a candidate to your own club. This feature allows Rotarians to submit candidate recommendations directly to their own club.
  • ‘Add a Prospective Member’ feature: Allows club leaders to
    add a prospective member that has come to their club outside the Membership Leads tool.
  Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary Club (RID 6270 – Wisconsin)
The club of 50 grew by a net of +6 members in 19-20. They started by forming 6 teams, each lead by a committee chair. Teams engaged in friendly competition to invite as many guests as possible. The goal was net increase of 5-6 within the year. Members promoted the benefits of Rotary. The club offered friendly meetings with good speakers.
Service Success – Turkey Dinner’s New Format
In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Webster City, Iowa, Rotary Club achieved success, serving over 1,236 meals in a new format. Read more at: Webster City Rotary Turkey Dinner (submitted by ARC Jim Coloff)
Video: Rotaract Club of Mission Texas
This community-based, cause-based Rotaract Club is building a strong network for members. Watch the video!!
Growing Rotary With New Club Development
Tools & Resources
Have you been wondering. . . what is the significance of “Phoenix 223”?
A phoenix is a mythological bird that cyclically regenerates. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Our recent cycle has been one of losing members and clubs. We will all work together to see the rebirth of club and membership growth. We have a goal to start 30 new Rotary Clubs in Region 36 (Paired Zones 25B and 29) during this Rotary Year. For more information, check out these links: Project Phoenix 223
Member Satisfaction Survey
Do you know what your members want / expect? Are your club members engaged and involved? Do you need to conduct a Member Satisfaction Survey? A guide to connecting with your members. Read more at: Enhancing Club Experience-Member Satisfaction Survey
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
Ensure that underrepresented groups have greater opportunity to participate in Rotary as members and leaders, regardless of a person’s age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Register now for, The Power of Connection with Diverse Communities on Thursday, 12 November at 15:00 Chicago time (UTC-5), and submit your questions to our experts. A recording of the session will be available to everyone who registers.
Phoenix 223 Virtual Workshop: Starting a Cause-Based Club
Learn about the possibilities and appeal of Cause-Based Rotary Clubs. Hear from those with experience in starting these new clubs.  
What are people in your community passionate about?  Give that some thought, then invite a couple others to join you at this virtual workshop!
Register Now for, Starting a Cause-Based Club on Thursday, 5 November at 18:30 Chicago time (UTC-5).