Membership Template Letters

Dear Club President and Membership Chair: 


The 12 letters were developed to help inform and welcome new members to your Rotary club.  We know that new Rotarians benefit from understanding the basics of Rotary, as well as specific information about your club. 


There are a total of twelve letters to be sent each week (or whatever interval you decide) after a new member is inducted into your club.  


Letter No. 1:     Welcome to Rotary 

Letter No. 2:     Communications 

Letter No. 3:     Classifications

Letter No. 4:     Rotary Basics 

Letter No. 5:     Club Service, Object of Rotary, Avenues of Service  

Letter No. 6:     Vocational Service 

Letter No. 7:     Community Service 

Letter No. 8:     International Service 

Letter No. 9:     Youth Service  

Letter No. 10:   The Rotary Foundation 

Letter No. 11:   Fellowship 

Letter No. 12:   Sponsoring a New Member 


The letters are created so you may customize them specifically for your club, including your club’s logo.  You can update them each year with any new information you may wish to add. Please make these modifications to fit your specific club before sending out the letters by email or mail.  You are welcome to cut, paste and modify each letter as you see fit.  


Yellow highlighted is an alert that you will need your club specific information to be inserted. 


We hope this will supplement and assist with your new member orientation.  The purpose of the 12 letters is to make sure new members feel welcome and have a sense of pride in joining Rotary. We want to engage them and keep them in our clubs! 


Thank you. 



Hint:  To create your club’s logo go to: