Rotary conducts annual surveys to gauge member satisfaction, find opportunities to improve program participants’ experience, and monitor trends in membership. A recent analysis of the results gathered by surveys from 2019 to 2021* revealed that a good and fulfilling club experience is necessary for members and is a key factor in their decision to continue their membership.

What makes for a good club experience? Rotarians and Rotaractors were asked what they liked and disliked about their club meetings. The five most prominent factors that they liked are: 
  • Friendship and personal interaction 
  • Getting involved in the local community 
  • Learning new things from guest speakers and discussing interesting topics 
  • Well-structured meetings that start and end on time 
  • Leaders who listen to and engage members
If you want to learn more about membership patterns, the newly updated State of Rotary Membership presentation shows how Rotary is doing as of 1 July 2021. The 16-slide PowerPoint presentation can be shared and is easy to customize to meet your region’s needs. You can also watch a recording of The State of Membership webinar. The webinar examines current trends in Rotary’s membership, discusses ways to elevate Rotaract as an equal partner in service, and emphasizes the importance of inclusivity.

*The data for this analysis was taken from five sources: the 2019 Member and Participant Experience Feedback Survey, the 2020 All-Member Survey, the 2021 DEI Survey, the 2021 Leadership Survey, and the BI Membership Universe.