Monthly Membership Webinars

Monthly Membership Webinar

WHEN: 3rd Tuesday of Each Month @6pm – 7:00pm CST
July 16, 2024 
How the Membership Olympics Will Grow Your Club
Ignite friendly competition and watch your club thrive! Discover how the Membership Olympics can energize your members, create excitement, and significantly boost your club’s growth.
August 20, 2024
The Importance of a Club Membership Chair
Uncover the critical role of a Club Membership Chair. Learn how this leadership position can transform your club by driving strategic growth and fostering a welcoming environment for all members.
September 17, 2024
Setting Inspiring Club Membership Goals
Define clear, impactful membership goals that motivate your club. This webinar will guide you in setting achievable targets that inspire and drive collective success.
October 15, 2024
Mastering the Art of Club Surveys
Learn how to design and conduct effective surveys that truly capture your members' thoughts and needs. Gain valuable insights on using feedback to enhance member satisfaction and engagement.
November 19, 2024
Hosting Impactful Workshops for Club and Member Needs
Discover how to host workshops that address your club’s unique needs. Gain the skills to create powerful sessions that enhance both individual and collective growth.
December 17, 2024
Effective Pre-Billing Conversations
Foster transparency and trust by mastering the art of pre-billing conversations. Learn techniques to communicate effectively with your members about dues, ensuring clarity and continued satisfaction.
January 21, 2025
Planning Engaging Activities Beyond Meetings and Fundraisers
Explore innovative ways to engage your members beyond the usual club meetings and fundraisers. This webinar will provide creative ideas for activities that build strong member connections and keep everyone involved.
February 18, 2025
The Value of the Club Membership Committee Learning Plan
Explore why a structured learning plan for your Club Membership Committee is essential. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to drive membership success and club growth.
March 18, 2025
Sponsoring a Service Companion Club
Discover the numerous benefits of sponsoring a Service Companion Club. Learn how this initiative can expand your club’s reach, create new service opportunities, and strengthen member engagement.
April 15, 2025
Personal Engagement Strategies for Member Retention
Develop personal engagement techniques that keep your members committed and enthusiastic. This webinar will provide practical methods to connect deeply with each member and build lasting relationships.
May 20, 2025
Involving Members for Long-Term Commitment
Learn how to create meaningful roles and responsibilities that make every member feel valued and essential. Get your members actively involved to ensure their long-term commitment and loyalty.
June 17, 2025
Celebrating Members' Contributions
Celebrate the incredible impact your members have made over the year. This session will teach you how to acknowledge and appreciate your members' efforts, fostering a culture of gratitude and continued participation.