Calling all Rotaractors!

You are invited to attend the North Star Zone, the 2022 Rotary Zones 25B & 29 Institute! This inspiring event is designed to give attendees incredible resources, ideas, and connections. Rotaractors will enjoy a fast-paced event focused on connecting them to the global Rotary experience. This weekend conference will leave Rotaractors inspired to achieve ambitious projects in their own community, and offer invaluable connections and friendships to other Rotaractors and Rotarians across our Zone.  
Location: Radisson Blu, Mall of America
Date: Institute - September 16-18, 2022

          Future Leader Development and Institute – September 15-18, 2022


Create Lifelong Memories with Fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors

Rotaract Award

Join us in celebrating the achievements of Rotaract clubs across our Zone by applying for this innovative Rotaract award: 

Most Impactful Rotaract Project: This will be awarded to both the individual Rotaract club and their District. Rotarians and Rotaractors can nominate a specific Rotaract club project executed over the July 2021 - July 2022 year. A panel of judges will determine the winner based on the overall impact of the project. Winners will be announced during the event. 

Rotaract Events

We’re excited to share that we will have two events specially designed for Rotaract members, on top of the incredible programming open to all attendees. 
  1. Rotaract Connections | Friday, Sept. 16  |  Time TBD: Meet fellow Rotaractors after programming has come to a close for happy hour and fun on Friday, September 10. 
  2. Rotaract Roundtable | Saturday, Sept. 17 |  Time TBD:  Attend an exclusive Rotaract Roundtable event on Saturday, September 11. This program is designed to give Rotaract members a platform to share ideas and resources with one another. 
In addition to these Rotaract-specific events, there will be a full agenda of conference events, speakers, and entertainment. 
Rotary Zone Institute, 2021, Houston, Texas

Come Early and Participate in Future Leader Development

This unique training program begins at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 15th and continues on Friday morning.  It is followed by the Institute which begins with Friday lunch.
Future Leader Development will help participants develop skills such as communication strategies, passion identification, and volunteer management.  Through self- and group-guide exercises, speakers with relevant real-world experience, and the development of a personal action plan, we will help you to
  •  Develop your TALENTS
  •  Increase your SKILLS, and
  •  Broaden your KNOWLEDGE
To open up more opportunities for growth and future leadership roles in Rotary, in your Profession and in your Community!

What Is the Cost?

Full event including Future Leader Development and the Institute Program
(Thursday – Sunday a.m.)
  • $625 if paid in full by August 7th – includes lunch on Thursday, and all meals from Friday breakfast through Sunday breakfast except Saturday lunch
  • $675 if paid after August 8th
Institute Program and Rotaract-specific events only
(Friday noon – Sunday a.m.)
  • $500 if paid in full by August 7th – includes all meals except Saturday lunch
  • $550 if paid after August 8th 

Agenda & Accommodations 

As we get closer to the event, our team will be sending out updates for what Rotaractors can expect at the event through email and a WhatsApp group.  Be sure to follow the Facebook Event for updates and share how excited you are to attend! Here’s what you need to know before you buy a ticket:
  • Plan to arrive Thursday (9/15/22) by 8:30 a.m., if you wish to participate in Future Leader Development, or Friday (9/16/22) before noon, if you wish to come for the Institute only. Lunch starts at 12:30PM sharp. 
  • Plan each day for a full agenda of presenters, events, and networking that extends into the evening
  • The following meals are included in your ticket
Future Leader Development participants only:  Thursday Lunch, Friday Breakfast
Friday: Lunch, Dinner
Saturday: Breakfast, Dinner 
Sunday: Breakfast
  • Plan to leave Sunday after 11AM



It’s recommended that all attendees stay at the Radisson Blu, Mall of America, where the event is being held. See more details and reserve your room at the under the event block here. Reservations must be made by August 17th to secure the special reduced Rotary price.  Staying at the hotel is important because many connections are made outside of the programming and event, just by being in the same space. 

Need Help Paying for the 2022 Rotary Institute? 

An event like this can get expensive, with the ticket cost, lodging, and travel to cover. We get it! But for an inspirational event that will light the fire in your soul, it’s worth going the extra mile and getting help. Here are four ways we recommend getting help in covering the cost:
  1. Ask your District
Your district may be willing to cover a portion of the expense, especially if you can express to them how this will give you and your fellow Rotaract members inspiration to take on new projects in 2022 and beyond.
  1. Ask your Sponsor Rotary Club
Similar to the District, your Sponsor Rotary Club may be willing to cover a portion of the expense. Giving Rotaract members access to an opportunity like this will help keep their passion for Rotary alive and strong! See this lodging grant proposal template.
  1. Ask your employer
Rotary Institute offers unique training opportunities. If your employer is focused on offering opportunities for you to grow both personally and professionally, they may be willing to chip in. 
  1. Ask your Rotaract club
If your club has the funds to spare, it would be in their best interest to help an ambassador from their club attend this event. Being connected to Rotarians and Rotaractors from across the country is an invaluable way to share resources and be inspired. This is especially fitting for incoming leaders. 

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