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The Rotary Zones 25B & 29 Institute is an annual event that brings together Rotary leaders from around our Zones to educate, motivate and inspire you to achieve more in Rotary!  Since this is the largest gathering of leaders from the districts in the Zones, it provides an opportunity to provide educational sessions based on several district roles, which are held on Thursday, October 19th and the morning of Friday, October 20th, immediately before the official beginning of the Zone Institute.  The roles that have these educational sessions are identified in the list to the left on this page. 
In preparation for the educational sessions, the learning facilitators will be posting many resources that are pertinent to the Rotarians in the roles they'll be working with.  As the Institute gets closer, check back to see what resources have been uploaded by clicking on the relevant session to the left!
Please... utilize these resources; share them; and promote all the local Rotary resources and networking opportunities. 
After the Institute, please take a few moments to complete the evaluation for the Learning Session you attended!