Our Challenge to District and Sponsor Club Leadership

Are you ready to support your Rotaractors and give them the tools to change the world?


We are challenging each District to bring at least five Rotaract members to the 2021 Rotary Zone Institute. We will be awarding the District who brings the most Rotaractors with a prestigious new award: Future Focused with Rotaract. 

We are suggesting that Districts offer to cover up to $500 (or more) per Rotaract attendee to help with the expense of the event ticket, hotel lodging, and travel. Based on the average age of Rotaract members, as well as the typical Rotaract club financial state, we are anticipating that individual Rotaractors or their clubs will not have the means to send members without financial assistance. 

Funds can be provided by the District or sponsor Rotary clubs. This will be a life-changing event for Rotaract members. An experience like this can mean the difference between an inactive, temporary Rotaract member and a life-long Rotarian. When you empower a young leader to join an event like this, you are ensuring the future of the Rotary mission!