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Would you consider yourself creative? an organizer? a communicator?  This week we get to bring our best practices together, mix in some future possibilities, and end up with communities that know more about Rotary.  Up for the challenge?
Join the Regional Rotary Public Image Team and your fellow District Public Image Team Leaders at the Zone Institute for the Public Image Training Track.  You’ll learn the importance of Public Image within Rotary’s structure and why telling our Rotary stories helps increase our Rotary Foundation participation and membership engagement/growth.  You’ll also learn key topics and initiatives that you can focus on to build a strong Public Image team & presence in your district and hear plenty of ideas that are working from other districts that you can build on.  Plus, we’ll have some fun while covering all this in a fast-paced and interactive format!
As District Public Image Chairs, you support Rotary’s strategic goal of enhancing the public’s image of Rotary and awareness of our service and activities. We have the "small task" of promoting a public image that will  increase membership, expand community partnerships, improve fundraising opportunities, and promote involvement in club projects.  Wow...