Your Foundation Team


Your Rotary Foundation Team

Your Regional Rotary Foundation Team supports districts and clubs in identifying and achieving their Foundation goals. Rotary’s regional leaders — Regional Rotary Foundation coordinators (RRFCs), End Polio Now Zone Coordinators, and Endowment/Major Gifts Advisers (E/MGA) — use their knowledge and skills to support and strengthen clubs, to focus and increase Rotary’s humanitarian service, and to enhance our public image and awareness. They promote best practices arising from their clubs and districts and connect leaders that need assistance with Rotarians who are finding innovative ways to enhance foundation program participation and service.
Regional Foundation Coordinators, their Assistant Coordinators, the End Polio Now Coordinators, and Endowment/Major Gifts Advisers help Rotarians fully participate in their Foundation to meet their service and fundraising goals. They:
  • Encourage Rotarians to support PolioPlus, Rotary’s highest-priority program
  • Support clubs and districts in their fundraising, including Rotary’s Annual Fund
  • Educate clubs and districts about Rotary grants
Rich Kaye
Rotary Foundation Coordinator
Supporting All Districts in Zones 25B & 29

 Bill Harvey

Major Gifts Advisor
Supporting All Districts in Zones 25B & 29

(M): 402-676-5551

Angela Rester

End Polio Now Coordinator
Zone 29: Supporting Districts 5970, 6000, 6220, 6250, 6270, 6420, 6440, 6450

Bob Taylor

End Polio Now Coordinator
Zone 29: Supporting Districts 5580, 5610, 5630, 5650, 5680, 5710, 5910, 5930
Photo Coming Soon!

Rhonda Walls-Kerby

End Polio Now Coordinator
Supporting Districts in Zone 25B